Peninsula Brazilian Jiu Jitsu strives to offer the highest quality BJJ instuction available. Marco's teaching style is very engaging, with an emphasis on respect for and the safety of one's opponent. Trust is essential at Peninsula BJJ because it's more than just a gym. We are a family.



Saturday, February, 21 2015 starting with the kids at 10:30am and the adults at 12:30pm. For those that will be graduating, you will receive an e-mail with details.

The academy will open at 10:15am Saturday for the kids graduation and the mats will be open at 12:00pm for the adults to roll a little before their graduation.

You are all welcome to bring family and friends.

See you all then,
Peninsula BJJ.

PAN AMERICAN BJJ 2011 - Peninsula BJJ PITBULL TEAM Juvenile 1st Place